Girlfriend Potluck

The concept of Full-Time Woman was developed from an original play (written by yours truly) produced and performed in 2013 about women who are real-life super hero’s; mothers, wives, business owners, community members, movers and shakers, home-makers, professionals doing it all, who silently deal with and overcome layers of isms (racism, classism, sexism).  The play was a beautifully set table with food for thought and clean water to flush out waste, to spark a sort of sister-girl, girlfriend dialogue, to give voice to women apprehensive about speaking truthfully, it was a place of healing.  We talked about everything. Nothing was off limits. Tears flowed. During the talkback, diverse audience members (men and women) shared personal stories.  The response was all I hoped for, more than I imagined.  It’s taken me three years to figure out how to transpose the energy in that auditorium to this blog.

I remember when I was a stay-at-home mom.  I and a few other mothers who are also writers would take turns hosting lunch in our homes.  Sometimes the hostess would set the table and provide all the food.  Other times, we’d all bring something to put on the table.  It was a great time of fellowship.  We discussed, faith, family, finances, our careers or lack thereof, our dreams, bad choices we made, our health, things we silently struggled with that caused anger and challenged our ability to forgive those who wronged us. I cherish those moments where I could unapologetically be myself without judgment. Those ladies, different skin colors, age and backgrounds saw me, encouraged me and are still my friends to this day.

Today I set the table and ask you to bring a dish.  Don’t worry if you don’t make the best mac & cheese, you can learn. I’m sure there’s a dish you can make well or perhaps cooking isn’t your strong suit.  I believe you bring something beautiful to the table.  Share your recipe (figuratively speaking) with the rest of us.  Let’s continue the fellowship and keep the dialogue going. Let’s have a Potluck. #FullTimeWoman #Friends


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