Road to Fitness Chronicles (Day 1)

For the last fourteen years I have struggled to lose weight.  I have tried many weight loss programs and for a month or two succeeded in my efforts but could never stick with it.  I would become so frustrated with my inability to lose weight, I’d give up then try again.  Every time I went up another size, I’d tell myself no more, this is it, I’m not buying a bigger size.  I remained on this horrible wheel I could not jump off of.  I kept lying to myself.  It has been a bad dream.  Like the movie Groundhog Day, I go to sleep hoping the next day will be different but it’s the same thing.  Why can’t I lose weight?  What is it I’m holding on to?  Why can’t I shake this and literally get my butt in gear? I thought of many reasons why but this morning, clear as day, I had an epiphany that has put everything into perspective.

Fourteen years ago I had one traumatic experience after another.  I mourned the loss of a church family, my business, community/village, brother, income, aunt, house, people I considered friends, my trust in people, my mother, my dreams and overall, my faith.  Numerous studies have linked weight gain to emotional eating which comes from emotional baggage.  It’s a no-brainer.  I knew this but I didn’t know I had so much.  As you can see, I carried a lot of baggage.  But, I overcame a lot too and the things I lost propelled me back into what I was born to do, who I was to become, how I was suppose to live.  My load is lighter and it really is “all good”.

As I mentioned before, I was going down a short hill on a motorcycle.  The sciatic nerves in my neck, shoulders, back and legs worsen with weight gain.  I want to feel better, be better but until I received this revelation I had given up weight loss hope.  Now, I’m on a journey, my road to recovery, to fitness and I’m pretty darn excited about the process. One-day-at-a-time, I’ll blog and vlog until I reach my fitness goal.  Pray for me, send positive thoughts and energy my way.  Drop me a text of encouragement.  I’m open to all that.


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